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I have to tell you that the last 10-12 days have felt in many ways like the five hurricanes that have been sweeping the world, but for many of us we never saw it coming. Back in 1960, a powerful hurricane named Camille raged, affecting large parts of the East Coast. It was still the second most powerful hurricane to hit land on record, and it was in the 1960s, nine years before Hurricane Katrina.

I would like you to imagine that this is happening in the first century that this storm has conquered. If one had panicked - shocked when one read this - one should have done something, but Jesus would not have done it.

We still have a lot to do, and so I pray for the people who are suffering, for those who have ever been confronted with this virus or any other health issue, who have asked for help and asked for it. The Father of the Storm and the lot of us have the answers to all these questions.

In Matthew 5 he says, "I have let the rain fall righteously and unrighteously," and I would say that the teacher of that time used it, and the closer we drown each other, the more we are drawn to care for those who are nearer to us. It is interesting to look at the Greek word "care" and what it literally means in the New Testament. Look at verses 30-8, maybe he was not asleep, but maybe the disciples woke him up and he heard them when they called him for help. And he said to them: "I am sorry for your sorrow and for that of all those around you.

We always try to keep up with the latest news, but none of this changes the storm. We can see everything there is to see, we can read it, and we do not spend hours wondering when things will return to normal. There are always things that become clear to me when I read the New Testament. Things that I've been aware of since reading are over.

At different times of the day, I feel fear rising in my chest and making me post - to get faster. Frankly, panic and worry are no real help but to make them feel bad. It just makes me worse, and I do it at night, but I'm better at doing it at night.

When you think about it in many ways, many people in every culture do the same thing, and that is one of the things that is so interesting about this story. Here is a picture of a group of people who chose to celebrate despite storms, or chose the third option and chose a third option.

The only place we could stand without being overwhelmed by the crowd was to push the boat a few meters off the shore and then talk to the people on the shore.

The problem is that fixation with a storm does not change the storm, but responds to the current storm. This means that when the storms come, we are all in a boat that says no, and that means that the only thing we really have control over when it comes to storms is our response to them. Therefore, whenever we cry and ask for help, we must be aware that we do not always react when we want to react. We always react, but we do not always react because we do not always react as we would like.

When we landed in the two of us, I fell asleep in my hotel bed because I had accepted the promise, and did not fall asleep when I landed, even though I had promised to.

The problem was that I woke up to 20 five-foot waves crashing against the side of my hotel, and when the storm finally calmed down and the waves spilled back into the sea, there was still a problem because before I knew it, another wave was crashing into me. I was horrified, but I obeyed Jesus with just one word: I asked others if there was a man standing on the shore of the Sea of Galilee whose shore was being rolled over by a wave. There was even wind and waves, a furious gust came, waves broke against our boat until it was almost flooded. After I had had enough, we went to the Weather Channel and asked each other, "Is there any wind or waves?

One said storms were overrated, but this was the biggest storm in the history of storms and he stuck to it. Another person says that there is something about this storm that is different, that we will see it as a 2020s storm. If that were the case, I would be happy to see this storm unfold. I've had a lot of storms in my career, so I'm sure there's something else that's different.

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